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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lifeboat Foundation Joins Transhumanist Argument For Creating A Replacement God Or A Vast Number Of New Gods (Actually Pathways For Return Of Old Gods)

From Tom Horn’s Raider’s News Network

After posting a few weeks back on a Richard Dawkins article specific to Jesus and Atheism, I was reminded of a post called the New God Argument by Lincoln Cannon. I first heard this argument at the University of Utah from Lincoln while visiting the area for a conference. Its logically sound, when the faith position is adopted. The argument is a derivative or rather an advancement on Nick Bostrom’s Simulation Argument and and Robin Hanson’s Great Filter argument. I’ve even sited Bostom’s 2003 paper in my own defense after being wrongfully labeled as an atheist. Its one thing to state that there is no God (atheism) or that we cannot know if there is a God (agnosticism), and quite another to state that we could create or evolve into one or a vast many. I think that Lincoln’s argument is progressive and may provide the next wave of theology arguments...

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